I am all alone in a blackened room.

There is only light enough to know this:

That everything is darkness around me.

I feel cold, alone, and hopeless.


This room is all I’ve known.

This is my reality. There is nowhere else to go.

As I lay here whimpering, there is an emptiness gnawing away at the deepest place in me.

An assurance that this is what life has always been and always will be.

A knowledge of the things I’ve done and the condition I’m in,

This reality supersedes the places I’d dreamed of having been.

Yes, every now and then I’ll slip into a daydream-

Wishing that anything but this life could be-

But the cold invariably yanks my mind back to attention

Of the darkness, diffusing the unrealistic wishes of my imagination.


Suddenly, I cannot bear it any longer

“This is too much for me” I whisper

As I stand up to my feet I begin speaking. Shouting, singing

Everything within me is screaming “Father, Father! FATHER!”


I feel it coming, then I hear it-

I have never felt anything like this

Something shaking the very essence of reality

That all this time has made me, found me.

I begin to panic. This is all I’ve known.

What can I do? Where could I go?

I can’t imagine my life existing anywhere but right here

“Do I really want this?” resounds as my heart pumps blood and fear

“Father! FATHER!” I scream again and again

The only word that can escape the war deep within.


Then in an instant the walls shatter around

The black-painted glass disappears at the sound

Fresh air, brilliant sunlight, the soft grasses beneath

In turn greet my senses; and the world is at my feet.

I look all around and marvel at the sight

Of the mountains and valleys, as I slowly realize

I’ve seen it all before, this familiar beauty-

The dreams were all true. THIS IS MY REALITY.