Skylight Credits


This album features one song in each key of the 12-tone chromatic scale. Keys are indicated by the first letter of the title - flat keys are lower case.  

01: Grace (G)
02: evergreen (Eb)
03: belong (Bb)
04: Dolce (D)
05: grateful (Gb)
06: Beloved (B)
07: Chambers (C)
08: altitude (Ab)
09: Free (F)
10: deliverance (Db)
11: Afterthought (A)
12: Enter (My Rest) (E)

Piano: Stephen Witt
Produced by Stephen Witt & Ben Johnson
Mixing/Mastering: Ben Johnson for Mighty Meerkat Productions
Cover Art: Jesse Italiano
Additional Artistic Direction: Jacob Felstow

All songs written by Stephen E. Witt