So as you have probably heard, I am recording a solo piano album this fall, and releasing it in the spring. This is something that is very exciting for me to do, as I have been thinking about doing it since I was 13. It all started when my Music Pastor back home in Indiana let me join the Jr. High worship team. I started singing then, in 7th grade, and was honestly horrible. Like actually. I was bad. So my Music Pastor decided to have me play keys (I had told him I played a little), which was a risky move, because then he wouldn't be playing anything at all. This resulted in me playing more than singing, which was probably intentional, haha. This also resulted in a rapid growth of my love for music, and my ability to play the piano. I began discovering so much about music just by playing, and found a new pastime for any boring parts of my life. From then on as I grew, the Lord used my ability to play the piano to minister to people's hearts- on many occasions. Playing while people prayed quickly became my favorite thing to do. I love partnering with Heaven, asking "what does this prayer sound like?" in a musical sense, then playing that. As a result of those times, many people have asked me to record a piano album to pray with in their homes, or even in corporate times at their church. Thus, it has become even more a desire of my heart to do this project. 

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more announcements regarding the piano album.

Abide in His heart, Beloved.