To Your Name (Stephen Witt, Jake Felstow)

The story behind this song is a funny one. It was summer of 2014, and I was living in one of the dorms with my roommate Jake Felstow. One night it was pretty late, and as Jake was leaving the room to get a snack, I grabbed the acoustic guitar I’d been trying to teach myself on. When I grabbed it, he said “I’m gonna go get a snack. Write a song before I come back.” I often say no to these spontaneous proposals from Jake, but I had been working on being less of a stick in the mud (haha), so I decided to try it. By golly, after 3 & ½ minutes when Jake came back, I had the 1st verse and chorus of this song written. He walked back in the room, I showed him what I had, and we wrote the bridge.

I like this song because it’s just all about God.  All glory to Your name. You’re Holy, Righteous, True, Faithful, Good, Pure. Beautiful, Jesus, You’re beautiful. I love songs that are about the redemptive element of the cross, and I believe it is good and right to sing about it, as we should never forget that amazing grace, however there is something to be said for loving on God just for His existence, His character, His innate goodness. I have always wanted to write a song that accomplished that goal, and this is that song.