Love of God (Braden Dressel, Stephen Witt, Taylor Heinzen)

One night at PG I was leading worship with my good friend Braden Dressel, and he was singing a song with a similar chord progression as this one’s chorus. I had been encouraging Braden to step out and sing more spontaneous/prophetic type songs during our sets, and this song was birthed out of a moment of boldness that was just that. As we were lingering on those chorus chords, in a powerful moment the words of this song began flowing out of his heart and into the room. The next week we took the chorus that we had and began to build verses and a prechorus around it to make the song we’ve recorded on this album.

This song continually reminds me that His love is never failing and it He is not going to give up on me or leave me. This same love that never gives up on me inspires me to never give up. To keep on going, to keep declaring the promises He’s spoken. It reminds me that He sees me, He knows me, and He WANTS me. He pursues me and has since before I was born or knew of Him or chose Him. This song is one of my anthems in life and I’m so grateful I had the privilege to help write it with one of my best friends.