Jesus, You Alone (Stephen Witt, Jake Felstow)

I wrote this song in the hardest time of my life to date. I had just lost my Mother to breast cancer, and the very next week I lost a friendship that was very dear to me. It was that week that I wrote the chorus to this song sitting in a practice room at NCU, just unsure what to do with my life. I wrote the verse shortly after while at home for Christmas break, and the bridge shortly after that in January.  

This song constantly reminds me that even in the hardest times, I can still say “yes” to God. During that week of emotional turmoil and chaos, when nothing made sense and I wasn’t even sure about God, I found the Rock that is higher than I. His name is Jesus, and He kept me even in that time, even when I had turned my back on Him, even when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep following Him. Even when I was faithless, He remained faithful. Even when I was broken, He remained true. I am always amazed at this truth, especially when I remember that this is how God finds all of us- broken, not desiring Him, unsure, unfaithful. Yet He still chooses us! He still comes beside us and offers salvation. God is so good.