Heart of Flesh (Stephen Witt)

I was leading musical worship at Praise Gathering one night, and we had just finished another song when we began flowing on these three chords. As we were playing, I began to feel the urge from the Holy Spirit to write. I had felt it before during such occasions and was excited about it. I moved my face away form the mic, as I always write first off mic, then I can bring something smoother to the congregation, so it isn’t confusing if it’s not perfect the first time. As I moved away, I felt the Holy Spirit say “What are you doing?” and I was like “I’m getting over here so You can write something thru me.” In that moment I heard the scariest invitation I have heard from the Spirit in regards to music: “Trust Me. Sing it all into the mic and I will give you the song.” I was terrified. What if I was wrong? What if it wasn’t the Spirit and I was making this up, and/or wrote a song with some heresy in it? But I just had to believe and trust that I had heard Him and that He would be faithful (The Holy Spirit and I had been working on trust, so this was appropriate). So I began singing. What happened next blew my mind- a line would pop into my head, melody, lyrics, everything- I would sing it- then the next line would pop in there. When I got to the fourth line He even reminded me of the first one so I could sing the whole thing again! This happened with all the sections of this song. I was so glad I was able to sneak out my iPod and record a voice memo of us singing the song so I could remember it (as I have written so many AWESOME bits of songs and then totally forgotten them). God is a good God, and the Holy Spirit is the best leader.

This song holds it’s roots in Ezekiel 36, where God promises to give His people hearts of flesh, in exchange for their hearts of stone- it’s a foreshadowing of Christ, who gives us the great exchange of the New Creation. He renews our hearts and minds and makes us new when we say “yes” to Him and let Him in at salvation. We get to experience what He desires and grow to love Him with all of us. It’s another statement of the power of the cross, and the transformation of the blood of Christ.