Erased (Jake Felstow, Stephen Witt)

Over the summer I was Jake Felstow’s roommate in the music building at NCU, and we took advantage of our free time by jamming in the practice rooms and working on writing some songs. I generally write slow ballad worship songs, as most of this album reflects, and Jake wanted to push me to write at other speeds to grow me more as a writer. I obliged and through a sometimes fun, sometimes time-consuming, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding process we wrote this song. It started as a groove Jake played and some chords I heard in my head and played out, and later we took the recording of that and wrote the melodies and lyrics.

This song is a fun and powerful declaration of the truth of the cross- that our Savior, the God-Man has come, redeemed us, and erased our past and present wrong. He has brought restitution to what we could not restore, forgiven what we could not repay, handed us freedom and life that is found in God, and given us grace to walk in it. We have the fullness of God available to us because of Him. This is why we rejoice.