Burn The Ships (Stephen Witt, Jake Felstow)

Story time: initially we had decided to call this album "Heart of Flesh." The album had 9 songs on it, and Burn The Ships wasn't one of them. However, as we were working on it in the final stages of mixing and mastering, I felt like "Heart of Flesh," while a good title, wasn't the best title for the album. So we brainstormed. We were meeting to discuss the possibility of changing the name of the album, and Madi Groves asked me what the album was actually about. So I started explaining how it's really about total surrender...but not just like "Here I am, I surrender..." like TOTAL, COMPLETE, EVERYTHING surrender. I then pulled from a sermon illustration I had heard the week previous, that goes like this: when Hernando Cortes came across the ocean from Spain to conquer the Aztecs, legend has it that the first thing he did upon arriving at the shore was to order his men to burn all the ships in the harbor. He did this as a way of engraving into them that there was no turning back- that they would conquer the Aztecs or die trying. In a similar way, my Pastor was saying that it was time for each of us to burn our ships, to get rid of our backup plans, and to launch full force into God- with all we are and all we do. It's this kind of surrender that this album is about. 

When I had finished the story, Madi and Jake said, "That is a phenomenal album title. we just need a song for it." So I said "let's write one!" half jokingly. Jake was like "Should we?" and I was like..."Uhhhh sure!!" So we took on the task of writing, recording, and mixing a song in a little more than a week. (haha!) The result is this song. 

I like this song very much. It is one of my favorites that I have written. It always demands of me an answer to the question God asks me "Can I really have all of you?" That question is why I wrote half the songs on this album, and it's cool to have one that really captures the heartbeat of the project.