All Glory (Stephen Witt, Braden Dressel)

This song began with a text message from my friend Braden with lyrics upon lyrics. He had written them previously and had thought of me upon doing so, so he sent them to me to see what I could do with them. Probably 3 months later I took them out and more or less procrastinated with them at a piano in a practice room (let’s be real it happens a lot). I had thought of a melody for the chorus in my head a few weeks before but hadn’t played it yet. As I began singing the lyrics to a simple chord progression the verses and lyrics came out. After I had sung the verses, prechorus, and chorus, I felt like I had finally found the song for this bridge, which I had written almost a year earlier at PG and had been singing often during times of musical worship at NCU.

I love this song because it spells out and unpacks more of the truth that “Erased” so boldly declares. It is truly all about Him and His Kingdom, and His work of salvation. We sing about His work and His Kingdom all through the verses and chorus, and then upon arrival at the bridge, we voice our response “All glory, and honor, and praise, adoration, be unto the Righteous One."